JustStuck Announces Strategic Partnership with HeaderLabs

HeaderLabs will develop exclusive mobile app technology for JustStuck.

San Francisco, CA / Fort Collins, CO / Philadelphia, PA — JustStuck has formed a strategic partnership with HeaderLabs to develop the first version of its mobile app technology. The JustStuck mobile app is the first mobile app that gives people who are stuck on a DIY project the ability to immediately connect with DIY experts who can provide real time help.

The process to use the JustStuck mobile app is very simple and powerful.

  • Users search for a DIY expert using the JustStuck mobile app.
  • Users message a DIY expert about their DIY project.
  • Users set up a voice and video channel with a DIY expert.

Users can get the help they need when they need it and DIY experts get a new channel to market their services to this untapped segment. The initial App will be mobile based and the primary market will be on the Do It Yourself (DIY) home renovation and automotive markets.

“Users will feel empowered because they will always have the ability to get expert advice at any time,” said Alan Witty, Founder of JustStuck. “There will never be a time when users will feel stuck as help will be just one button-click away.”

To learn more or to sign up for our first release visit: http://www.juststuck.com

About JustStuck

JustStuck was founded to connect people with experts who can assist them on projects. No more time wasted searching through blogs or watching videos. We also help experts monetize their expertise and as the intermediary handle all connections and billing removing any billing risk for experts. The company is based in Ft. Collins, Colorado and has mobile app development in San Francisco, CA and Business Development in Philadelphia, PA.

About HeaderLabs

HeaderLabs provides end-to-end visual design, technology development, and digital marketing solutions to a wide range of industries. It partners with early stage companies to build and grow their products. Additionally, it works with a variety of large enterprises to build high-quality digital solutions for them. HeaderLabs enables companies to add Mobile, Web, and Digital assets to their solutions. It is based in Walnut Creek, CA and has a large development lab in Gurgaon, India.

JustStuck Media Contact

Michael C. Bertoni – VP of Business Development – JustStuck

mbertoni@juststuck.com – 215.817.3295