The Software Stack That Powers JustStuck

Written by Charles Parker – Founder & CTO – JustStuck

JustStuck is a simple idea, but there there are many complicated facets to the application.  Between establishing and maintaining an audio/visual connection between remote users, securely processing payment between those users, and expanding our infrastructure to meet the inherently intermittent demand for our service, we were feeling a little overwhelmed by the apparent development process.  Fortunately, we’ve found that these services are already provided by third parties and can be integrated directly into our own app for little or no cost.  

The audio/visual connection provided by our service is powered by LinPhone, an open-source HD video call application and library.  Using LibLinPhone, we are able to customize the appearance and usage of the A/V components in our application without getting bogged down in the details of VoIP communications.  Using a (nearly) plug-and-play solution like LinPhone drastically cut down on our estimated development time.

Secure payment between our customers wracked our brains for a time, until we discovered BrainTree.  BrainTree provides multiple options for processing payments, including the market-style payment system by which JustStuck is funded.  BrainTree comes with SDKs for multiple languages and platforms, tools for combatting fraud, as well as a variety of choices for payment method.

Perhaps the most important element of our service is how our infrastructure handles increased demand.  Like every startup tech company, we want our user base to grow big and grow fast.  That means we needed to plan our infrastructure to respond to huge and potentially sudden changes in users.  Thankfully, cloud computing services have come a long way in the past decade.  We found multiple providers who could give us the resources we need when we need them, but settled on Amazon Web Services.

Between these three services alone, we’ve accounted for huge chunks of our original development time estimates.  This should be taken as an encouraging sign to other entrepreneurs looking to enter the mobile device app market: in many cases, there is almost no need for re-inventing the wheel.  Tools that have been built, tested, and deployed are already out there waiting to solve your problems for you!