The JustStuck Bike Project

Bike Brakes

Written by Alan Witty – Founder & CEO – JustStuck

So summer is here and it’s time to really get out and ride. Yet you notice that the brakes are a bit off and sometimes when you go to shift gears instead of a clean shift you get a clunk. This is pretty annoying when you are heading up that big hill. So you decide to get your bike tuned up. Cash is really tight and you wonder how hard can this be so you decide to do it yourself.

So you do some research, buy a good repair manual and off you go.  Lube check, brakes check, gear shift…..Clunk….huh! hour or two later still clunk. That next ride is looking like it might be a few days off if this keeps up.  So you go on JustStuck and search for someone to help you.  You get a list of around 10 people, many of whom have great reviews and seem to really know their stuff.  You decide to go with Sally. She gets back to you quickly and you set up a voice and video session. Fifteen minutes and $15 later you are ready to roll.

Instead of spending hours doing the project yourself, going back and forth to bike shops and the internet you are now off on that bike ride and spending your time doing what you want to do.