JustStuck the Future of Work?

In our pockets or purses we have the ultimate game changer. The smartphone. With it we can get the information we need in an instant. The question is whether we can make sense of all that information. At JustStuck, we feel that there is a major challenge with finding the right information you need when you need it.

As the founder of JustStuck I see this argument going on all the time in one of the activities I have long been devoted to, martial arts. The argument is that video and the internet can be useful for the trained practitioner but not so much so for the novice. The novice needs a guiding hand and a teacher with a watchful eye. Someone who has learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. In Japanese this direct transmission is called Kuden. JustStuck is all about being the modern version of Kuden.

How does this change the nature of work? Well the martial arts instructor is getting paid for his or her knowledge. So why shouldn’t:

  • A science or math teacher
  • A retired engineer
  • A plumber with some extra time on the weekend
  • A trained makeup artist

All of these people have knowledge that they can sell and people want. They can sell it to pick up a little money or to build a business. JustStuck is the enabler. We provide the whole platform for techno Kuden. All the provider has to do is link up with people who need help.

Services like JustStuck are beginning to emerge in the business world. Experts get to sell their expertise to businesses who are searching for people who can help deal with a challenge or problem. JustStuck opens the doors to the consumer marketplace. We let you monetize your knowledge and skills and if you want build a your next generation knowledge business.