JustStuck Press Release – Launching First Mobile App That Gives Users Immediate Access to Do it Yourself (DIY) Experts.

JustStuck – The Help You Need When You Need It!

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JustStuck Launch – First Ever iOS Mobile App That Gives Users Immediate Access to Do it Yourself (DIY) Experts.

My name is Alan Witty and I am one of the Founders and the CEO of JustStuck. I am proud to announce the Launch of the JustStuck iOS mobile app. We will be the first ever iOS mobile app that gives users immediate access to Do It Yourself (DIY) experts when they are stuck doing something themselves. JustStuck is “The Help You Need When You Need It”.

Say for example you are stuck fixing your garbage disposal, fixing brakes on your bike, completing a math problem or fixing something with your car. There are hundreds of other do it yourself (DIY) categories that I outlined below. Instead of doing what most of us do and go to YouTube, Google, or try to find a contractor on Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, ThumbTack or Craigslist, you simply download the JustStuck iOS mobile app, search through rated experts, immediately connect with them to help you through your problem and only pay them after you rate them and are satisfied with their service.

Everything including expert profiles, search, messaging, voice, video, time of call and payment will be handled within the JustStuck iOS mobile app. The tech stack is pretty cool as well and includes an open source voice and video (VOIP) API, iOS Objective C, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Braintree Payment API and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, server and database environment.

The value of JustStuck is easy to understand. Users of the mobile app will have immediate access to experts that can help them when they are stuck and experts can make money helping users from home or on the road.

Our goal is to get a minimum of 2000 signups including experts and users for our Free Beta Software Release, gain market acceptance, get feedback and then complete the development of the iOS mobile app. Business and technical requirements, designs, prototypes and the project plans are completed.

JustStuck is looking for users in the North America and anywhere where someone is stuck and needs help.

We are looking for experts in these categories and others – HVAC, Plumbing, Bicycle, Auto, Academic, Math, English, Writing, SAT, Kitchen, Flooring, Decorating, Painting, Electrical, Security, Cabinets, Granite, Marble, Computer, Internet, Web, Automotive, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Electronics, TV, Sound, Video, Photography, Game Room, Rec Room, Garage, Green projects (ie. Solar), Holiday, Home Office, Design, Landscaping, Exterior Remodeling, Hair, Makeup, Fashion, Cooking, Nutrition, Health & Fitness.

Please go to www.juststuck.com, review our explainer video and sign up for our free software beta release.