How I Came Up With The Idea for JustStuck

How I Came Up With The Idea for JustStuck

by Alan Witty,  Founder 

The idea for JustStuck came to me as I was in the midst of home renovations. I did not come from a “handy” background. My Dad was of the mind to simply pay to get things done. When I started on my renovation journey a few of my friends were chuckling because they knew I would have challenges doing it myself.

I thought I would start by doing some research and things would be fine. I read few blogs, Googled some topics and bookmarked a lot of videos. I was ready to go….little did I know.

At every step in the process some small challenge arose. The garage door wouldn’t close, the front door was a bit off and the PVC plumbing valves were challenging. I spent hours with multiple trips to the computer and back and forth to the Big Box hardware store hunting for someone for advice with pictures on my phone or my version of a diagram. All the while the dogs were probably wondering why I was doing the human version of barking and growling.

It came to me that there were probably thousands of people running into the same obstacles. I thought that there had to be a better way. Thousands of people were probably pouring over research, searching the web and looking at videos exactly like I was and extremely frustrated with the process. In the end most people give up and either pay for the service fees they had hoped to avoid and go over budget or do their best and hope no future problems would arise. I ended up doing things myself and some of the plumbing came undone and this entailed a night of mopping up instead of having a quiet dinner.

I knew that somewhere there was a person who had done any and all of my projects a hundred times. They could look at the issue and move right to fixing it. Some were professionals and some gifted experts. All I needed was a way to reach out to them and to show them my problem, get some advice and pay them for their time. With more than 20 years as a consultant I knew exactly how this worked.

So the idea for JustStuck was born. JustStuck is simple. It’s a marketplace of people who have expertise and want to earn some extra money or even build an advice and expertise business. People willing to sell a bit of what they know, or micro-knowledge. Micro-knowledge is a concept I will address in my next blog. All you need to do is register as either a Expert or someone who needs help. The system matches people and gives them a way to connect using video and voice and handles all of the payment processing.

Alan Witty